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Logentry 020.02

Mashing the Mashers

Mainstreet, Federated Commonwealth, 3044-12-17

A Union entered the atmosphere, and Marky Marc's Mashers contacted the baron and told him that it was pay day and they would meet him outside the capital to collect their presents.
We were sent out to give them presents - just not the ones they would expect...

Two lances advanced offset; first, we encountered a Victor, a Boonebuster, a Hatchetman and a Charger.

Hello other unit, we are Marky Marc's Mashers, you want to deliver to us our presents?

Yes, presents are placed ready in our barrels.

Mercenaries... bah... we will annihilate you, jerk.

We as mercenaries are at least still honourably working for Steiner, not like you disgraced bandits!

hod2 opened the battle with a salvo of 30 LRM on the Boonebuster but missed. hod8 followed with 2 PPC shots, but missed as well.
Then the second MMM lance arrived, consisting of an Annihilator, a Longbow, an Archer and an Awesome.
First damage was inflicted by hod3 with 2 gauss rifle hits on the Boonebuster. As a response, he became the target of the Boonebuster with 2 ultra AC-10, both firing double shots!
The Boonebuster was then damaged badly by a combined attack from hod3 and hod2 (for whom hod3 spotted), which cost the Boonebuster a lot of armour plates and his left leg.
The Victor attacked hod7 with 2 AC-20, also both shot double a for a massive 80 points of damage! In return, the Victor received 20 points of damage from hod1 and 36 points of damage from hod7. This was followed by four punches, one of which hit the head. hod7 suffered a kick from the Victor in return which crippled his left leg actuator.
The Boonebuster, which fell down due to the remendous damage put on him by hod2 and hod3 tried to stand up, but did not manage and fell down in process again.
hod7 finally wrecked the Boonebuster which exploded and caused 7 points of damage on the Charger.
A fire concert on the Charger by hod2, hod3 and hod8 ended with hod8 blowing off its head.
The Victor and Awesome ganged up on hod7, who was it by 4 PPCs and 2 AC-20 shots. The Victor again fired double shots, but one of its guns got stuck (but still hit). The GM used the only one point of edge the Victor pilot had and re-rolled the to hit roll ... getting snake eyes! The gun was still stuck but also did not hit!
HOD-7 retreated from the field towards our dropship that brought us to battle, to mount his reserve 'Mech.
HOD-3 put a lot of holes into the Archer which exploded.
After loosing all armour plates in his left arm, hod3 powered down the gauss rifle mounted there.
hod3 killed the Hatchetman which also exploded.
hod7 came back with his Warhammer.
hod3 powered down a second gauss rifle as he only had one shot left.
The enemy Longbow fell down, after he was hit by the last gauss rifle round from hod3 and several LRM hits from hod2. HOD-3 also powered down his last gauss rifle.
HOD-2 drew an edge point from the Annihilator which caused a critical CT hit on the engine.
HOD-8 ripped off the left arm of the Annihilator with a critical hit on that arm. With her gauss rifle she hit im in the head with the same attack, drew its second edge, and rolled head again - kill.
HOD-7 placed the third head hit of the game on the Awesome - another enemy gone.
The lonely Longbow surrendered.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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